Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chix Savour February 2015

Chix Savor has some good tasting food here. And one of the crew kept the whole crowd entertained with his charisma.

Imagine that. I don't get to experience that kind of customer service in just about any food joint I dine in.

We ordered the following:

Beef Brisket Mami for PHP95.00
Big Brother Belly for PHP135.00
Sizzling Burger Steak PHP138.00

The prices are fairly affordable. I definitely will go back here again when I will have the chance! Our first time was coincidental because we wanted to get a massage that time and wanted to eat dinner first.

Chix Savor is located just across Tree Shade Spa near IT Park so it was a no brainer trying this food joint since a friend of mine already told me that the food here is good.

No question about it. It was worth it!

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