Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cafe Saree December 2014

Last December 2014, my wife and I finally got the chance to try out Cafe Saree. They have a branch at an Escario outlet but the one we went to is located in Rustan's Grocery Area in Ayala Center Cebu's new wing.

We already had a hunch it could be pricey but what the heck. We wanted to try out their food. After all, if it is delicious then the price should be worth it.

We ordered the following:

Beef Salpicao. For PHP285, this was not worth it. The order we had was very oily and salty as well.

Jambalaya A' La Mama was also not that good although I hvae to admit, the sauce was pretty good.

Cafe Saree is a fine dining place. Don't expect yourself to be full. The servings on both Beef Salpicao and Jambalaya were not in the norm.

The container was more or less almost the same size as the ones used in Dimsum restaurants a few years back (note that Dimsum containers for Steamed rice nowadays have shrunk).

Overall, it was not a satisfying experience for me. If the food was delicious, I would not have minded the pricey price tag that came along with it.

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