Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cafe Talk November 2014

If there is one thing about Cafe Talk that is obvious, it is because this place is good only for young people.

For starters, it is packed with so many students. And why not, people can lounge all the want in small areas that looks like small divided rooms.

This place is actually good to hang out. However, old people tend to shy away from these kind of places.

Why? Each area is so small. One cannot sit properly except in an Indian position. And for someone at my age, I tend to get tired sitting like that.

Plus, the staff seemingly condones letting customers shout, squeal and run around on the second floor whilst the poor people at the first floor can get annoyed by the noisy thumps of bigfoot and godzilla feet stomping around.

The Food

Cafe Talk has a few selection of food so customers are only constrained to choices of spaghetti, rice with toppings of chicken with 2 different kinds of sauce and french fries.

Their drinks are pretty good too. At PHP150.00, I would say the price ain't that bad.

The spaghetti was the best order that we had considering the serving was plentiful. However, the rice with chicken order was somewhat small although the sauce cannot be denied that it was delicious! These two orders costs almost PHP200.00, probably around PHP180.00,

The place

As I said awhile ago, this place is really for young guns although what's to stop old people from chilling out here, right? Some of their areas even have Android USB attached to monitors so guests can play some games there, though I would not advise you to waste your time because their Internet connection is terrible you will just waste your time using it.

These kind of cafes have seen a boom in Cebu. And for good reason. The place is the perfect hangout for people to get together, chill, hang out and have fun.

Some people like me, well ... my legs need to be relaxed and their narrow hangout areas just are not meant for me at my age he he he.

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