Thursday, October 30, 2014

KKa Chi Korean Restaurant October @ 2014

Frankly, even I was surprised when we ordered Kka Chi Restaurant's Eolkuen Ramen. It can be goodf or 2 pax.

And for only PHP200.00, it comes with 3 side dishes, one of them which is kimchi.

Now this, is a sweet deal.

Kka Chi Restaurant is owned by a Korean and is located near IT Park, where in front of the old prison which is now a leased building owned by the government, you can find Tree Shade Spa and another Korean restaurant which I forgot the name that used to be La Tegola.

Beside it perpendicularly (if there is such a word) is where Kka Chi Restaurant sits. I forgot to take a photo of their joint's signage but you cannot miss it, with the bright lights and color-notificing theme.

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