Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grand Majestic Food @ Grand Convention Seminar Hall August 2014

This ain't buffet but for any kind of seminars held at the new Grand Convention Center, the menu is taken from the Grand Majestic's menu.

One of the seminars I attended had a very tasty lineup treat for dinner. They had chocolate truffle cake, pork belly, fish fillet, pasta, broccoli and vegetable and grilled chicken.

I asked one of the staff where they ordered the chocolate truffle cake because it was delicious. I was surprised when I was told all the food was prepared by Grand Majestic.

Then I thought, no surprise there. Their buffet of main course, appetizers and desserts is heavenly!

The old Grand Majestic used to serve mainly Chinese cuisine but the new Grand Majestic serves totally different cuisine every day.

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