Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HIFI KTV May 2014

Considering that HIFI KTV is still new, it definitely is a good time to check the place and experience easy to use KTV systems, a clean environment, delicious food and spacious rooms.

HIFI KTV is located in City Times Square at the back of Parkmall.

At first glance, people may mistake the place as very expensive but no. The prices are pretty good from their KTV use to their food.

One can hang out in the lobby that serves as a bar. If you want privacy, you head on straight upstairs and choose from the many rooms available.

What caught my attention was this image below. A touch screen menu to choose your songs. Now that beats having to pass over the folder containing all the songs available. There were many songs that were currently new last I checked so it is quite different from other KTV joints that showcase majority of old songs.

Now, who wouldn't want to look for a song using a physical folder list compared to using a touch screen like the one above?

As for the food ... Well, it was a heck of a feast. I am not sure if they offer this package until now but when we went there, they had a package price of around PHP1,300 I think where it was consumable. Pretty fair package if you ask me.

Fried Rice, Nachos, Liempo, Chicken, Fruit Dessert, Sisig, Nuts and Sotanghon. All worth it!

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