Monday, July 7, 2014

Could The Philippines Be The Fine Dining Capital Of The World?

Fine dining food tends to be more of the miniature variety. Presentation is very important when serving food to patrons. But those who eat in fine dining restaurants never get full because that is what fine dining is all about. Oh yeah, and the setting, the preparation, the environment, the aura.

So why do I say that the Philippines could be the fine dining capital of the world? There is a little sarcasm here because I use the word fine dining in the sense that anywhere you eat in the Philippines, all servings are small.

Heck, even fastfood restaurants have gotten worse.

I can understand if business establishments raise the prices in their menu up. But lessening the content served? That is a mighty big screw up.

The best scenario to enjoy a restaurant's food is when they are still new in the business. This is a common trend. As months pass by, the quality of the food degrades and the content gets smaller and smaller. Ooops! I forgot that prices increase as well.

Profit is after all a business' number 1 priority so naturally greed takes over.

Just do not be surprised and disappointed when food is served to you from any restaurant. Some contain just a few spoonful of the food and spread flat out all over the plate just so it would look like it is still plenty.

That scenario is pretty insulting to be served food that is worth like 3 spoonfuls of content and costs more than a hundred bucks. And it is very discouraging to see old visual posters of the food plastered on the walls that people think right away they are the current ones only to find out when the food gets served that everything's shrunk.

I see pictures of bread with fillings only to find out that the fillings occupy around 0.00001%. And these are even well known brands.

Such a disappointment and this problem will never be rectified. Unless it is buffet we are talking about, then that is a different story ...

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