Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tsay Cheng March 2014

The recently relaunched Grand Convention Center in Cebu is a work of art. Its interior design simply focused on modern and simplicity.

When something new opens, it is best to catch in on the fad because the place is always clean at first. When we went to Tsay Cheng, it was for a christening celebration of my wife's friend's baby.

The food was delicious! I cannot say about the price though because we did not foot for the bill. We were merely guests.

I was surprised though, like only a few other Chinese restaurants in Cebu is that I did not get dizzy after that lunch.

I tend to feel bad after some time if the food is laden with too much vetsin. Yes, they say drinking tea is the best way to combat the effects of it but if one prepares food with as less vetsin as possible and it still will taste great, then I can say that is very delicious.

Which is what I can say of Tsay Cheng's food. Yep! Delicious!

The food that was served that time were prawns, chicken, beef, squid, noodles, pork, soup, yang chao fried rice.

It was definitely a feast for the Gods. Tsay Cheng is a very decent Chinese restaurant that does not overdo its food with too much MSG and vetsin.

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