Sunday, May 25, 2014

Irie Gastropubliko @ IT Park March 2014

Last March, my wife and I finally got the chance to try it Irie. At first glance, its looks can be imposing. People might think they are very very expensive.

In some ways, they are. But really, the price is just okay. Now, unless you foot for the entire bill, that is an entirely different story.

We ordered Irie Grilled Chicken Jambalaya which is like paella but with so many Chinese sausage and chicken this is absolutely worth it.

I recommend you go for their PHP380.00 serving because believe me, it can accommodate up to 5 pax. Funny thing was, my wife and I finished it all by ourselves.

And we also had that Ummmami Burger to contend with so it pretty much left us very full. The Ummmami Burger's patty is thick but not as big though as those of TGIF's.

For PHP358.00, this is fairly overpriced.

Don't miss out the Irie Grilled Chicken Jambalaya. I guarantee this will put a big smile on your face. And wallet ;).

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