Friday, May 30, 2014

Halmet Turns To Life In Your Device

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Ah yes! The power of augmented realty. It has not been adopted that much but the feature is steadily growing in use.

The Blippar app is a good example of the fun things one can do with regards to augmented realtiy. This app is available in both iOS and Android devices. Download the Blippar app and visit the Purina Pet Park Walmart website.

Blippar is the world’s leading augmented reality and image recognition app, just fill your phone screen with any object and it will come to life on your phone! Take your new Blippar app and scan Hamlet the Beggin’ Strips dog right from your computer screen.

Hamlet will become interactive on your phone. Make him do tricks, take pictures with you and give him a @Beggin Strip treat! If you are shopping in stores there are scalable displays so that you can enjoy your app while you shop.

This app is quite fun to use if you ask me. This was actually my first time to use an app that takes advantage of augmented reality so I kind of got lost at first. But once I understood how it worked, it was smooth sailing from there on.

If you wish to play with Halmet again later on, Blippar does not re-download everything from scratch. Halmet will be cached in your device so that once you point the camera to the picture object in the Walmart website, it will load Halmet right away.

Download the app and see how playful Halmet can be!

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