Monday, May 5, 2014

Fudge Meatball April 2014

Well, this was surprising. Fudge's meatball is downright HUGE! Oh, and it tastes great too. The price may shock you at first but do not be. This order can be good for 3 pax.

Those who are lactose intolerant may steer away from eating too much though. The Meatball contains chunks of beef and cheese.

It started out okay but as I gobbled up too much, my tummy started acting a bit and that was when I stopped eating.

Don't get me wrong. Fudge's Meatball is pretty good. Just that if you are the type who can feel something acting up after consuming too much milk, just eat a few.

If I remember correctly, the bread is made of croissant. The photo above showed an already opened up Meatball but originally, it looks like 1 huge circular bread and in it are chunks of beef and cheese.

Worth it? Definitely!

You can find a Fudge restaurant at Ayala Center Cebu's rooftop.

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