Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Pope John Paul II Tower @ Bacolod November 2013

When I first visited Bacolod last year, I was totally surprised. I think Bacolod is one big city. One of the places we went to was the Pope John Paul II Tower, located at the Bacolod Real Estate Development Corporation reclaimed area where the Pope held a Mass in February 20, 1981.

The walk to the top of the tower can tire you but once you reach the top, I bet you will awed as much as I did when I first gazed at the sea horizon.

But fret not. Each floor that you pass by features memorablia and statues of the pope.

Best time to visit this place? I recommend late afternoon. Photo enthusiasts will love taking photos of the sunset. The view is amazing!

Entrance fee is also very cheap so there is no reason people will shy away from this tourist attraction. It is one of the must go-to places in Bacolod City!

And here, is a breathtaking panoramic view around the tower.

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