Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The People's Park @ San Carlos, Negros November 2013

San Carlos City in Negros is a small place so one should not expect so many tourist attractions within the city. However, the People's Park is one such place where people can hang out, relax or just stroll through the vast area and enjoy the scenery.

The People's Park also features fresh water swimming pool, a children's playground, kiosks, gazebos, promenades, picnic areas, pavilions, outdoor café and miniature buildings.

Even visiting this place alone your fingers will be very busy taking photos from your camera. The miniature buildings represent different well known places in and around San Carlos City.

While majority of those who visit the park for the first time may not realize it, but visiting People's Park is like visiting San Carlos. What you see in San Carlos City can be found in this park built on the reclaimed area that faces the island of Cebu. The People's Park features miniatures of the City's main establishments, a pool park, a watch tower that opens the view of Sipaway Island, Cebu, the port and the canopy of busy city.

But just because you may have already finished going around the People's Park does not mean your stay in San Carlos will end. There are other well known tourist hotspots near the city that are only a few hours drive like Mambukal Mountain Resort. You should also check that out.

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