Thursday, April 3, 2014

TGIF @ Ayala Centrio February 2014

I cannot remember the last time I ate at TGIF anywhere. When I went home last February 2014 to my hometown because my wife had to take care of some business matters, my family treated us at TGIF.

Considering majority of the concessionaires at Ayala's Centrio mall are already in Cebu, we had to pick one that can also accommodate my dad's preferential taste in food because he is mighty selective.

He wanted Itallianis at first but we declined because a few days ago he already treated us there. We chose TGIF instead since my dad can order pasta from Italiannis if he wanted to because I think they both have the same owners.

I mean, how else can you explain either of the two allowing food from the other to be served?

TGIF serves humongous food. Expensive, yes. But I would say in a way, worth it since the serving is plentiful.
Here are some of the food that we ordered:

Tex Mex Mac & Cheese php 475.00 - this is pretty good but devouring all of it can make it taste yucky after some time. I am not saying it can happen to you but I think too much cheese gives a sour taste after some time.

Friday Cheeseburger php 395.00 - no other comment. This burger rocks!

Friday Cheeseburger with bacon php 475.00 - tastes good if you ask me. However ... and it is just a little however. I am not a fan of bacons since since they are mostly 95% fat and 5% meat. The burger patty though, is the same as the Friday Cheeseburger. In fact, I think they are mostly the same, with the bacon and some vegetable the only differences.

These 3 juggernauts had us full alright. We shared these 3 for all 6 of us and we still got full. I'd say, you get your money's worth when you eat at TGIF.

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