Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rico's Lechon @ The Ridges January 2014

Cebu is well known for its lechon and Rico's Lechon is one of them. They have some restaurants around the city and the one we went to was in the Ridge's Arcade area in Mabolo, just beside Sykes building.

Their lechon is pretty good. Just be wary of their other dishes though. The gambas (pictured below) was a disappointment. This amounted to around 3 spoons worth of gambas meat. Not worth it if you ask me. The least they could have done was to put in so many "lamas" to perhaps shadow the minute amount of gambas served.

And don't get me started. The plate was small, this order can fit in a small saucer. Avoid this rip-off.

The chicharon bulaklak that got served to us was salty. If yours ain't then good for you. 

As for the lechon? Well, this was a different story. It tasted pretty good. Compared to Zubuchon, I think they are more or less equal in taste. I used to think Zubuchon was the best but the quality of their lechon has degraded now so in a way I think their lechon and Rico's lechon are comparable.

The price is okay overall. Just avoid the gambas. It can piss you off like it did me.

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