Friday, March 28, 2014

Quest Hotel January 14, 2014

This was unplanned. My aunt was not able to visit Cebu during its Sinulog 2014 celebration because of bad weather and since she already paid for her hotel stay in advance, she gave it to us so it would not go to waste.

Naturally, we did not hesitate. LOL. After all, it is not everytime one can get some free accommodation stay for even one night in any hotel.

Plus, we also had a great view of the fireworks that time so it was all good. Breakfast came the next day and I still maintain my stance that their breakfast buffet is average.

I still love their lunch and dinner buffet. I would not advise you to pay for their breakfast unless it is either free because really, it is not worth the price.

Try their lunch or dinner. I tell you, you will definitely get a tummy ache. Albeit, in a good sort of way ;).

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