Friday, March 7, 2014

Marriott Cebu Discriminates February 2014

Well, Marriott sure knew how to destroy my Valentine date with my wife. I was pissed when we got there early only to be offered a table outside the restaurant's premise.

WTF?! There were still so many vacant tables there. I told the staff I wanted that certain table and I was denied because it was reserved. Again. WTF?!? What was the whole point of my own reservation anyway.

I almost blew up to tell you the truth.

They gave us a table eventually within the restaurant premise but the table was more or less the same material as the one offered to us outside the restaurant premise: a wooden antique lookalike.

You might say to yourself that I exaggerated over this. No I did not. What ticked me even more was when I asked the staff why they could not give us that desired table and they could not give us any reason at all.

There were 4 of us in the group and I did not like the table outside the restaurant premise because for one thing, I do not like to go back and forth to the buffet table and back to where we were offered to be seated.

I felt like I was singled out because the way I saw it from their perspective, I did not look like some rich guest. That was downright insulting.

After we finished eating, I saw the group who were seated at the table that I wanted and they were nothing special. Really.

I tried to keep my cool when we got seated because I did not want to ruin my date with my wife. But that staff of Marriott Cebu sure did give me one hell of a bad experience.

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