Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Irie Gastropubliko @ IT Park Hmmm ... Bad Service February 2014

The food is pretty good. But the service? Well ... that's another story. My wife and I wanted to sit on the right side area of the place where there is a circular shaped couched area or however one calls it that seats up to 5 pax.

Now, the staff told us that the 3 tables there were reserved and that they would be around at 9PM. It was still almost 2 hours early but then again, there was nothing we could do because they insisted we occupy the table with 2 seats beside the window, which by the way sucks.

So anyway, about an hour later there was a group with 3 of them and as the staff were looking for a table for them, they decided to give the one that they declined for us.


Anyway, I just kept quiet and controlled myself. That was simply a display of bad customer service.

First impression lasts? Maybe. It sucked because it happened on out first time dining out at Irie.

One more thing. Avoid the tables with 2 seats beside the window near where those sofa type seats are because you might be bitten by mosquitoes. And it was not my experience alone. A friend of mine also commented after reading this post.

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