Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Various Scenic Waterfalls Of Mambukal @ Negros November 2013

All adventurers who drop by Mambukal Resort will never miss the chance to trek through the various waterfalls that lie within the vast land that this place occupies.

If I remember correctly, the guide said there is a total of 16 waterfalls, some were inaccessible because of paths blocked but for those who want to really see face to face with each passable waterfall, it won't take even a day to see all of them.

Trekking through the waterfalls is free. There are no entrance fees. A guide will guide you the way and it is up to you how much tip you will give to them.

We tipped our guide heftily because he did an awesome job showing us around, taking panoramic shots of us at the right places in almost every waterfall we went to and observantly checking out the environment and showing us some insects that suddenly moved after being fully camouflaged.

After our short trek, we headed back down and decided it was the right time to dip in the hot spring and relax and savor every moment submerged in the warm hot pool.

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