Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Enting's Special Of Sagay @ Mambukal Resort, Negros November 2013

The name sounds weird. Well, grammatically weird but I am sure it means something. Mambukal Resort has many restaurants that guests can dine in and one of them is Enting's Special of Sagay.

I am not sure about the price because my cousin was the one who treated us there but he kept on mentioning that they are cheap.

We ordered some seafood like fish, scallops, marlin and some meat like barbecue, sisig, chicken, pansit and bulalo.

One thing you should not miss out is their halo-halo. I love how they molded the ice cream into sliced iced drops. When you sink your teeth into it, it is still hard. Really worth the halo-halo!

And it is here where I tasted the best halo-halo and at La Magdalena in San Carlos City, Negros. It was a feast, so to say. While the food that we ordered is no different from other restaurants that serve seafood and native dishes, it all boils down to price.

Dining at Enting's Special of Sagay is worth it.

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