Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dessert Factory's Seafood Etouffee: What A Joke @ Ayala Cebu February 2014

I used to love eating at Dessert Factory. Until I saw their latest incarnation of Seafood Etouffee this 2014. Oh man. Seriously?! Shrink. Shrink. Shrink. Shrink.

I bet it won't be long until it will be the same size as their coffee cup (right). And as of February 2014, it is priced at PHP200.00.

No way!

I was pissed after because I was still hungry.

With that, I categorize Dessert Factory as a restaurant that serves fine dining food. That's that. I know it has shrunk so small because 95% of the time it is always what I eat.

Well, add another restaurant in my list to avoid. I won't be the first to decide to eat there that's for sure.

Foreigners will definitely be surprised at how small food content is in so many restaurants in the Philippines. So just a heads up. And don't be surprised.

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