Friday, January 17, 2014

La Cabana Spa @ Cagayan de Oro December 2013

As with any other spa, it is a risk of having a masseuse who is good or just plain weak. Sorry, if one cannot press that hard, then that person is better off not working as a masseuse.

There were 6 of us last night and only my wife said the massage was very good while my brother's comment was 'okay'.

Me? Funny thing. I asked their staff to assign me a masseuse who can give me a good hard massage but they gave me one who is good for kids. Oh yeah, La Cabana Spa only employs female masseuse therapists.

When the time came for the massage, I told the masseuse I wanted a hard massage. Her response caught me by surprise. "I will try, sir".

What the ...

When she started, I told her to switch to a swedish massage instead because the oil can help in hard massages. That did not help either ... I am a good person so instead of hurting her feelings, I just let it go and let her do her thing even though I was not contented from start to finish. She is a bit old so I think she is out of place.

The place is pretty weird too. They have locker rooms, with shower and spa but the masseuse can just freely come in and out and it needs a total renovation. The room we were in reminded me of the same interior in Trans Asia 9, just without the foul smell of dust.

Each standard 1 hour massage costs a minimum of PHP350.00 so that is quite expensive. Very expensive. While the normal rate for spa is around 200-250, pricing this at PHP350.00 is not worth it, even if the masseuse is good.

I doubt I will be coming back here again unless someone will treat me. :P

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