Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brioche's Dossant December 2013

Say what? Yep. Dossant. You heard the common merged names of food like cronuts which means Croissant + donuts. Well, Brioche named their version as dossant which is a merger of donut + croissant.

Brioche's place is located in Escario Central, Cebu which should not be a hard place to miss. The place is not that big but the food is delicious.

There are many other desserts there but when we went there that time, we were already full from a main course meal so we opted to have some coffee and dossant for dessert.

I do not give comparisons when it comes to hot coffee because for me, they all taste the same but my wife said that their brewed coffee tasted good, you might want to try one yourself.

The dossant was pretty good too! The chocolate was very addictive and I think their croissant + donut version is better because it does not break itself off that quick.

Yes croissant is not easy to make but I hate them because I barely get a good bite out of one. Brioche's dossant is different. Our first impression when we sank our teeth into one was a very satisfying reaction.

The price for one though, might surprise you. It ain't cheap, that is all I can say.

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