Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tymad Bistro December 2013

Tymad Bistro can be deceiving at first because from the outside, one can think the place serves very expensive food. And the fact that it is a frequent hang out of foreigners, well, you get the idea. At least, that was what I thought at first.

Anyway, earlier this month, my wife and I decided to go there and try out the food. Considering I just received my 13th month pay, I was ready for whatever surprises I might have received that night once the bill would be given to me.

Well, well, well. Turns out the price is okay. I mean, if you had tried eating at TGIF, you won't be shell shocked with the prices of Tymad Bistro.

I noticed they serve quite a variety of crepe. No pasta though, sad. That time I had a craving for it but even so, the food we ordered was pretty good.

I thought at first when the food was served to us, it was not enough. But even after halfway with my plate, I felt a little full. And that does not include drinking any soda. It was just all food.

Here are what we ordered:

Tymad Crepe - costs around almost PHP300.00 if I remember it right. This crepe features bacon, a yummy haburger patty, egg, tomato sauce and some side dish.

For someone who is not much into milk, I recommend you try this compared to the next one.

Burger Crepe - Almost PHP300.00 also. This one has white sauce on it. I am not saying I did not like this. I actually did. 2 Burger patties, with egg, some creamy white carbonara-like sauce, I have to admit I did not expect to get full after consuming all of it.

The Blackforest Cake - This cake has an alcohol-like taste in it. Perhaps brandy or rum, I am not really sure. Costs around PHP150.00 I think. You should try this.

Chocolate Truffles - We were told each one costs PHP200.00 but these two were given to us on the house. Quite yummy and very addicting once you sink your teeth into one of these. The melted chocolate is just to die for.

Overall, my wife and I were satisfied with our time here. Who knows ... it could be soon that we will visit this place again.

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