Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Trans Asia 9 Nightmare

Freaking boat. And freaking staff. The usual Trans Asia boats that ferry passengers between Cebu and Cagayan de Oro City is Trans Asia 3 and 5. But because of the recent mishap of Trans Asia 5, Trans Asia 9 was put in its place.

Sadly, this was the same boat that pissed me off so much last March 2013 that I swore I will never ride this again. Sucks ... I got stuck with the same boat again when I went home to Cagayan de Oro for the holidays.

I definitely will write an email to Trans Asia to inform them of one of their staff who lied to me when I asked her if the boat is new or not. She said new so I was okay and went with getting the tickets.

Boy, if I can see my horrid face when I found it was the same freaking boat. Dusty, old, smelly and the interior just looks like a haunted house.

My first trip with them I had asthma. This time, I barely hang on to having one but I did not get any sleep. If I breathe in deep, I just could not because that would mean inhaling the dust as well.

Imagine, hearing quite a number of voices coughing. I bet you it was because of the dust. Frankly speaking, this boat should be scrapped.

I doubt Trans Asia management will hear my complaints anyway. I already emailed them back then. And nothing changed. You think they will act now?

So those of you riding the boat, you make sure to avoid Trans Asia 9.

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