Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gerry's Grill @ Ayala Cebu Terraces Bad Service December 2013

I do not know if this was just a few strings of bad luck or Gerry's Grill staff just were not taught the right way to handle customer service.

So we were eating last December 18, 2013 with my friends at their Ayala Cebu Terraces branch. We ordered quite a lot of food and they placed the iced tea in some huge vertical test tube I have no idea what it is called and a waiter suddenly comes up to us and asks if they can take the iced tea container because they ran out of it and they needed it to serve to new customers.

The thing is ... that container was not even empty yet. Is that even the right restaurant etiquette? How embarrassing.

I was not the one who planned my friends' gathering that time so I did not comment on what the waiter said. I just kept quiet and let my friend who was in charge do the talking. It took us a few seconds to give an answer because really ... was that even supposed to be asked?

Force us to clear everything because there are new customers coming in and the restaurant ran out of props? Come on!!!

So if Gerry's Grill runs out of plates, any of their waiters going to come up to us and ask us to eat faster so they can collect the dishes? Bravo! Gerry's Grill! Bravo!

I do not like eating there because I have had bad experiences in the past with regards to their service in other branches but since it was my friend who organized the gathering I had no choice.

Still, I just had to vent my disappointment here because that was pretty downright insulting. I did not want to give them any tip but management charges you right away with a service charge included in the bill.

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