Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Road Trip Between San Carlos City and Bacolod City, Philippines Should Be Done Daytime

Well, after that eye opening experience when we went back to San Carlos City from Bacolod City during
the night, I have to suggest you all do your road trips during the daytime.

These are some of the cons that I experienced:
1) There is no cell signal in most areas during the trip
2) There are no lights
3) There are so many uphill curves
4) The road trip experience is spooky

Okay, so maybe the last one is too superstitious but with the road being total pitch dark and only your car lights on, one can think about it sometimes.

Plus the fact that there are not that many vehicles that road trip during the night, it is pretty risky if your car fails because there is no other way to contact for help.

You'd be lucky if some passing car does pass by and gets gives you a ride or gets help for you.

Road trips during daytime is always better than doing them at night.

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