Thursday, October 17, 2013

Shakeys @ Ayala Cebu October 2013

Well, after this one, my wife and I made it a point that whenever we want to eat something that will make us full yet low on calories and fats, we will make sure we order their family sized salad.

I tell you, I thought the family size is good for only 2-3 pax but when the Chef's salad was served to us, I was surprised how much serving it has. The family sized Chef's Salad can be food for 4-5 pax. And at PHP240.00, this one is definitely a must eat!

The Chef's Salad comes with ham, grated cheddar cheese, crunchy croutons and hard boiled egg heaped on fresh lettuce, served with your choice of either thousand island or ranch dressing or probably any other that you might want to request. In our case, we requested it be vinaigrette oil.

The Manager's Choice pizza is Shakey's number 1 flavor, loaded with ham, beef, italian sausage, green bell pepper and onions.

Their thin crust is priced at PHP216.00 for regular, PHP339.00 for large and PHP503.00 for party size.

I think that even with just the salad alone, it can really make you full. It was a good thing we decided to check out their salad because Shakey's Chef's Salad will always be included in our orders from now on.

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