Friday, October 11, 2013

Luy's Classic Tea House October 2013

Luy's Classic Tea House is a Chinese restaurant located just across SM Mall in Cebu City, right within the APM business center complex.

My first time was a pretty good experience. Great food, good service and free tab! LOL. Well, my folks footed the bill so it was all good.

Also, their staff was very accommodating and quick when it came to tending to customer needs. I give them a very high rating for good service considering the place was packed during lunch.

Outside their restaurant, one can see a very huge signage plastered on the wall that their food is prepared by a well known Hongkong chef so I guess I cannot blame them for putting up such prices on their menu.

Check out the food that we ordered.

Thailand Style Fried Lapu-Lapu - 910
2 Kind Egg Polonchay Medium - 390
Birthday Noodle Large - 480
Prawnball Orange Sauce Medium Size - 500
Beef Brocolli Large - 560
Salt and Pepper Spareribs Large - 520

Fish Lip Soup Large - 520
Seafood Salad Roll Medium - 420
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables - PHP 220
Yangchow Fried Rice Large - 480
Assorted Coldcut Large - 480

Plain Rice - 35 per cup

I guess the prices are like that since it caters to quite a number of people. I think we were around 12 that time. But the price is comparable to those in other Chinese restaurants so I can say that this seems to be the standard.

If you look for Luy's Classic Tea House, you cannot miss it. Oh yeah, a minor drawback in this place is that it is hard to get any signal from Sun Cellular. Then again, you go here to eat, right? ;)

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