Monday, October 7, 2013

Fung's Noodle House October 2013

The food at Fung's Noodle House is not bad. The prices are good for some while surprising with others.

The place is in the SSV business center near across and JY Square so while the ground floor (their counter and kitchen area) looks a bit messed up, the second floor is quite clean since it is still new. However, I think in time, with the way I look at how their staff manages the place it will not look so clean and presentable in the future.

On to the food ...

Their noodles actually are pretty good. I tried that 2 kinds noodle soup which is a combination of wanton noodle soup and beef noodle soup. So rather than ordering one of each, you can have the best of both worlds. The 2 kinds noodle soup gives you both in one order and each of their noodle soup costs PHP88.00.

Just do not order the broccoli though. It costs PHP160.00 and the serving is pretty small. We were surprised and disappointed when it was served to us. This won't even be good for 2 pax.

The spare ribs was okay, but at PHP160.00 and a small serving I am not sure if you will be satisfied with it.

Their wanton-like food with soup in it is okay. You should try it actually. I forgot the name but if I remember it right, it sounds like Siong Liong Pao? Please correct me if I got it wrong.

Now, once you are full to the max, just make sure you do not order sodas or else you will get bloated. Their tea costs only PHP20.00 which should serve as your detox from the vetsin laden food that is with Chinese cuisine.


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