Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choi City @ BTC August 2013

This was my first time at Choi City. People say their food is delicious. Well, true in a way. Just like any other Chinese restaurants. Chinese cuisine is very tasty.

Vetsin aside, their food is pretty good. What I do not like though is their service. We had so much leftover food that we asked their staff to have them balloted.

Once we got home, I was disappointed to find out the content was less compared to the last time I saw them on the serving plate.

Do not get me wrong. This happened to me before at another Chinese restaurant called Spice Fusion in SM Cebu.

Sadly, I threw away the receipt so I was not able to list the names of the food that we ate that time. There was one that piqued my interest. For me it was the first time to eat some kind of wanton with some soup in it.

Choi City in BTC is a very big restaurant with both ground and second floors able to accommodate hundreds of hungry devouring customers.

As for the price? It was a treat from my aunt so I cannot comment if it the food is expensive or priced fairly. Maybe the next time I get to foot the bill in Choi City will I be able to give a fair assessment on the price against the quality and content serving of their food. Stay tune!

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