Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Castle Peak Hotel Buffet October 2013

Castle Peak Hotel has a very good buffet lineup. At least that is how I sum it up during my first visit there. Their buffet price is outstanding at PHP350.00 and the price is fixed no matter which day or night you plan to feast.

Considering they have so many different kinds of food, the price is really worth it. You can also chill out in the restaurant till the wee hours because they always have a band playing and later on after the buffet, they clear the tables to provide space for ballroom dancing.

So, onto the food. Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of their main course. That time, I had minced meat, fish fillet, vegetable bicol express and chicken.

They have a grill station outside where you can order either pork barbecue, shrimp, squid, chorizo, beef or goat meat. Heck, we ordered all of them. Their goat meat is pretty good. I was surprised their pork barbecue were mostly all meat.

Appetizers that time were some california maki, egg salad and caesar's salad. The beef soup was pretty good too!

Desserts were some fruits, cakes and halo-halo. Funny thing with my halo-halo was that it barely had any ice in it because I was so engrossed with the different toppings on the table. Their leche flan is very delicious.

Honestly, with the price at hand, this will always be one buffet that is worth it. I heard some people say they do not like the food. Weird, maybe they were expecting a 5-star buffet for a PHP350.00 price? Think hard people.

I definitely will have a go at it again when given the opportunity ;).

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