Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Can Earthquakes Destroy Tourism?

Chocolate Hills is synonymous to Bohol. Whenever one asks what tourist attraction to go to in Bohol, Philippines the Chocolate Hills always come up first.

The Chocolate Hills form a rolling terrain of haycock hills, mounds of a generally conical and almost symmetrical shape. No, the hills are not made of chocolate ;) as what grownups tend to joke around with kids.

Last October 15, 2013, a strong earthquake hit this island which decimated portions of these natural wonders. See the pic.

I am not sure how this will affect the tourism industry in Bohol but regardless of what just happened, I am betting that nothing will change and tourists will still flock to these natural wonders and see them heal themselves in time back to what they used to be before.

Other heritage sites in Bohol were not so lucky as churches 2 or more centuries old had been decimated. Nature is a wonder. But it can also be devastating. Yet, nature is also persistent and in time, as I mentioned awhile ago, these hills will replenish over time back to being the natural wonders that they are.

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