Monday, September 30, 2013

The Kenny Rogers Salisbury Steak Meal September 2013

The meals at Kenny Rogers are pricey. Yes. But once you finish any of their meals, it can leave you full and contented.

They have different kinds of meals that cater to those who want a full course complete meal or one that is catered to a healthy diet.

They are known for the meals that lets customers add 1 or 2 side dish. I always choose their veggies and mixed fruits side dish since that is what our nutritionist informed us we should eat daily.

Their salisbury steak actually is pretty soft and one can tell it is not just any ordinary beef. Once your teeth takes a bite of it, you will be surprised just how soft it is.

After I finished this meal, I did feel very full but deep inside my stomach, it gave me that feeling that what I ate was more than enough. And it had all the necessary proteins and minerals that my body needs to have daily.

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