Thursday, September 26, 2013

Resorts World Philippines

Oh man, while sifting through my draft posts, I did not realize that I still had not published this post about my first experience at Resorts World Manila around 2 years ago.

Resorts World Manila is Manila, Philippines' first and most exciting integrated tourist destination. As for the word "integrated" I am not sure how integrated it really is since I only got to check out their casino area.

The place looks like you are in Las Vegas, but a mini-version of it. The well known perks that guests should try out is their unlimited soda and popcorn while watching a movie in their lazy boy seats. I was told each one costs PHP500.00.

Maybe since it is still new and there was not that much to see, I did not find this place that amazing. Maybe people just overhyped this place.

Plus, they have some security personnel there that tells you not to take photos inside without even telling you why and forcing you to delete them. The photo I took was deleted even before he came to me anyway since the shot was blurry and it was later on that I realized I took a photo of their casino which was not allowed.

Hell, he should have told me why he wanted to check if my camera did have photos of the casino. I was confused since I saw some people taking photos in the same place where I was but from a different direction.

Besides, it was the chandelier that I was interested in, not the casino. The place itself is not that big. The other integrated establishments there are Marriott Hotel and another one that's catered to transients. Other than those, I did not see any other entertainment attractions worth going to.

Still, if you are on the lookout for hot chicks, there are many of them. I guess it is also a good place for some sight seeing ;).

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