Friday, September 13, 2013

Dong Juan @ Calyx September 2013

Ah Dong Juan! Last night, my wife and I had a sumptuous meal here right after our FitFil Cebu workout. I don't know but I just had that burger craving last night so it was a lucky thing that Dong Juan recently opened in the Calyx Building in IT Park.

Just the right timing indeed.

Now, their food is actually good. Some are just expensive while some are overpriced. However, we ordered two that stood out as worth it in terms of price.

The red hot chili burger at php189.00 comes with chips and ketchup. Dare to take the chili plunge? Bite on! I already tried this before when I ate one in their branch in the Ridges arcade. If you like spicy, this is the burger to satisfy your cravings.

Out of all the pasta, the linguini meatball pasta at php149.00 can serve up to two pax. Definitely worth the price that the amount of serving.

Their iced tea looks cute, right? We chanced upon their promotion for the burger that we ordered and we got the drink for free!

Maybe the next time I will drop by Dong Juan, I might try another kind of burger.

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