Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kenny Rogers @ Ayala Cebu July 2013

Frankly, it has been quite a long time since my wife and I ate at Kenny Rogers. We tend to avoid this place because, well, they are just expensive for a fast food restaurant. However, 2 weeks ago we decided to eat there because there is nothing new in Ayala Cebu nowadays.

We frequent the mall so we end up eating there as well and literally, we tried almost, if not all of the restaurants.

That is not to say their menu ain't delicious. It is. The variety of side dish to choose from all the more makes it a feast.

We ordered their meals that feature a combo meal of sausage and chicken with 2 side dish each  accompanied by their ever famous cupcake.

The side dish menu can be confusing to choose from because most of them are very tasty. That time, we decided to choose macaroni, coleslaw and mixed fruits.

The sauce of the sausage made of mustard complemented the meal perfectly.

I guess after such a long drought of not visiting Kenny Rogers, it was a good dinner for me and my wife and we ended up full.

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