Friday, August 16, 2013

Gusto Cafe June 2013

Contrary to many people's first impression is, I would say even I was surprised to find out that their wine and food prices are not expensive.

Yes, the interior design can easily deceive making people think that this is one quite luxurious place to hang out.

However, when we ordered their Choco Bravo, we were surprised that it costs only PHP 100.00.

Even better is the fact that this slice is very big. Way bigger than Starbucks, and full of chocolate that it took 4 of us to finish this one up.

Now, for the wine. There are expensive wines for sure but there are also some that are not. When went there, we ordered 1/2 lt. Carrafe which cost only PHP 295.00. Not bad, right?

If you abhor wine, they also offer coffee which is cheaper than Starbucks.

The place is fairly new so it helped that their comfort room is pretty clean and smells good. Food and drinks are all priced fairly so kudos to Gusto Urban Cafe for bringing a wine cafe right within IT Park in Cebu.

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