Monday, August 12, 2013

David's Kitchen At IT Park July 2013

Well, my aunt was in town and we had a big smile when I learned she was going to treat us to David's Kitchen. This place looks expensive from the outside but once you go in and check out their menu, the prices are fairly decent.

This is a fine dining restaurant though, so do not expect to see big servings to satisfy your appetite. The David's Kitchen that we went to is the one located in IT Park, Cebu. There is also another one in Mabolo, I think.

These were the food that were ordered:

Classic Caesar Salad - PHP 299.00. Nothing to describe. The photo itself speaks volumes. Honestly, this is crap. Not worth the price.

Salmon Served with Arugula and Sweet Pepper PHP 349.00 (no photo). I remember this was a small serving. However, Salmon is a very expensive fish. So there, the price is like that.

Wagyu Beef Stew - PHP 299.00. I love this! Especially the sauce. There is a seemingly blend of spice, salt and stew flavors. Plus the meat is pretty soft. Definitely worth it!

Beef Salpicao - PHP 219.00. The meat of their Salpicao is as soft at the Wagyu. In terms of sauce flavoring, I prefer the Wagyu compared to this one.

Knockout Knuckles (Crispy Pata) - PHP 399.00. This one is weird. And I do not mean the taste and the price. Their Crispy Pata is a classic. It tasted good. I just wondered why it is named Knockout Knuckles in their menu.

This order is okay, save the fact that when it is served to customers, the meat is sliced leaving one to wonder if their staff took some of it. No kidding.

Brewed Decaf - PHP 80.00 (no photo)
David's Mineral Water - PHP 60.00

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