Monday, July 1, 2013

Waterfront Lahug Management, Check Your Security Protocols Dumbass!

So here's the thing. Sometimes I pass through Waterfront's other entrance/exit when I go to IT Park from Ayala Cebu. This is the area near the flyover.

Just recently, the guard asked me where I was going. Probably because he thought I was going to go right instead of going forward as if going to Waterfront, I told him I was going to IT Park. He told me that I could not pass through anymore (even though I was already within the hotel's vicinity).

Still, that was not the point. I mean. WTF?!? I told him if he wanted me to go out and go to IT park the long way. He said yes. WTF?!?

Then I told him what if I am going to Waterfront. Will he stop me? He kept quiet.

Man, Waterfront management you need to check your security protocols dumbass! Unless your security management bypassed you and made their own rules without your approval then you have some authority issues here.

This is the same situation where mall security guards will ask you where you are going if the mall is closing. I normally just tell them I am going to watch a movie. Though there was one time I encountered a wise-ass guard and he asked me what movie I was going to watch. I know what movie will always be on anyway since I always pass by malls.

That really pissed me off. The hotel guard could not do anything about it. He could go with me to the hotel if he wants to make sure I will really go there. I do not mind. At least I can cool myself a little bit from my walk.

So there. What a bright security team you have Waterfront Lahug. Bravo!

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