Sunday, July 28, 2013

Shakeys At Ayala Cebu June 2013

Last June of 2013, I had pizza craving. While my favorite when it comes to pizza is Yellow Cab, I wanted something different that time. Since my wife and I barely eat at Shakeys, we decided to treat ourselves there.

These were what we ordered:

Buddy pack 5 pieces chicken - PHP 399.00
Belly Buster Party pizza - PHP 576.00
Prima Lasagna Solo - PHP 160.00
Seafood Marinara  - PHP 195.00

The Belly Buster pizza was superb as well as the Prima Lasagna Solo although the Lasagna is really good for one person. I love their lasagna which is why I say it is good for one person because sharing it with someone will still leave me hungry and craving for me.

The Seafood Marinara was a disappointment. I guess the shrimps made it expensive. The sauce is just dull plain.

As for the chicken parts, I guess if you are not specific on which chicken part you like, this is a good order. It comes with fries too which will make you even fuller.

Out of the four, the Belly Buster pizza (forgot the size) is somehow overpriced. You can get good pizzas from other brands at this price, even bigger. Still, Shakey's will never run out of customers because their food is pretty good!

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