Monday, July 22, 2013

Mandarin Plaza Hotel July 2013

One of the hotels sitting right across Ayala Center Cebu, the Mandarin Hotel Plaza is still quite new that my wife and I had to take advantage of their promo rate while it is still cheap.

Their rooms vary from Superior (PHP 2,200), Deluxe (PHP 2,800), Executive (PHP 3,200) and Luxury rooms (did not check the price for this accommodation).

That time both Superior and Deluxe accommodations were packed so we opted the Executive accommodation instead. When you check in here, they usually come packaged with a welcome drink, 1 free 30 minute foot massage, sauna and pool use plus breakfast for two.

I will sum up my experience here with pros and cons.

  • You can ask for an extra key card so you can leave one in the room's card slot so your room will always be cold.
  • Comfy bed and pillows, very large king sized bed.
  • I like their light signs if you do not want to be disturbed or if you want housekeeping to tend to your needs.
  • Bathroom is pretty big and everything else except the TV was working perfectly.

  • Well, you will have to pay if you ask for a pitcher of water. 1 pitcher costs PHP 50.00.
  • The floor is covered in tiles so if you the upper room drags the chair, it can be annoying to hear it.
  • The pool can clearly be seen by people in the WiPro building right across the hotel so it can be uncomfortable thinking about it.
  • The pool is small.
  • They do not serve lunch and dinner buffet but this may be because they are still on their soft opening. Once all their rooms are available perhaps they will serve buffets.
  • Not all  channels were clear. Their staff said that it was because it was raining that time and their satellite TV cannot pick up clear signals. Not an acceptable excuse.
Despite the cons, I won't complain because the promotional price was very cheap. If you want to experience a night at the Mandarin Plaza Hotel, the time is now!

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