Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hainanese Delights At Robinsons Cybergate June 2013

This was my first time to try Hainanese Delights in Robinson's Cybergate mall. First impression for me is that this place looks like Bon Chon although the latter offers chicken-related meals, Hainanese Delights also has pork laden food in its menu.

Our orders were very simple. Rice bowls, noodles and steamed chicken.

The rice bowls were pretty good. The sauce was something that made me want to gobble up the rice in it. We ordered pork chop rice and pork dumpling rice meal. These come with iced tea priced at PHP65.00 each.

Not bad, right?

The steamed chicken at PHP130.00 was okay. The sauce accompanying it was very good I actually used it to pour it in my rice.

The Singapore staple noodle soup was a disappointment. To me. Try it though, you might like it. I just do not like soup when it is pork. It makes me puke. Although the pork flavored soup was not natural, it was clear it was some sort of pork flavored cube that was used, I was already skeptical when I first sipped a spoon of it.

When I asked the staff what kind of soup it was, I cringed upon hearing pork ha ha!

I really loved their rice bowl meals. Affordable, tasty and can fill you up without eating too much. You should try it sometime!


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