Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chez Toztar June 2013

I should have thought about this even a year ago that looking for a place with good food that is affordable and plentiful can be experienced at Chez Toztar.

This restaurant is located near Capitol. Ask people where Dynasty Hotel is and the road before that going to the right is haven of restaurants sitting side by side.

Chez Toztar is one of them. Owned by my chef cousin, this was where my wife celebrated her birthday bash for year 2013. Well, surprise birthday that is.

Before that, I was thinking where the best place would be to surprise her. Then I thought, why not Chez Toztar. They accept catering and one can also get free rent of the whole place.

Believe me, the food is delicious! All of them. Even my wife's friends agreed considering it was their first time to eat there.

I selected Hawaiian chops, chicken in peach sauce, cream dory in egg mayo sauce, zitti pasta and stir-fry nutty cucumber. The cucumber preparation was something unique that I have grown to love. I will definitely order this one again in the near future!

Rather than spend so much in a place where you only get to order ala carte and risk having your guests not satisfied with the food because of shortage and quality, I guarantee you will get your money's worth at Chez Toztar!

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