Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Buko Loco, A Bust June 2013

Well, I thought that this was supposed to be good. I do not frequent fruit shake stands but one time when my wife and I passed by one in Ayala's terminal, we were curious as to how Buko Loco's coconut drinks would taste, shake or drink.

Sigh ... I should have learned my lesson. Never believe these kind of stands serve fresh fruit shakes. Too much milk and sugar. Plus, we chose their halo halo buko shake and it did not contain any toppings except peanuts.

Probably just flavoring but peanuts? Weird. Their other flavors may taste better but they will still be full of milk and sugar.

Their bottled coconut flavored drinks were the same too, laden with milk. Next time I will by pass by one, I will be sure to avoid it this time.

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