Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mini Stop April 2013

Well, the door finally opened for Mini Stop in Keppel building on the last day of April, just before Labor Day. When I learned about it, I had to go there since I wanted to try out their ice cream fundae.

Mini Stop is 7/11's competitor but they each have some unique food items of their own. Instead of trying out the fundae ice cream, I decided to try out their chiller drinks.

They have like 6 flavors of Chiller drinks with each 3 being chocolate and coffee based. The names of the Chiller drink indicate the kind of toppings that will be included. They are pretty cheap if you ask me.

But what I love about their food is their Kamino sandwich. They have the super cheap ones at PHP10.00 that are small in size and glazed in either ube or yema.

The big ones cost around PHP25.00 and I simply love the Burgloo Kamino.

Their rice toppings are okay, depending on the toppings that you want. The middle pic is their double patty burger steak rice bowl. It tasted pretty good too!

And the thing that most people will definitely order especially during a hot day (even though people are in a centralized air conditioned building) is their fundae ice cream. It costs PHP15.00, the same as 7/11's version.

If you are in the Cebu Business District area and want to check them out, they are located in the 14th floor of Keppel Building.

I hope that the quality of the food in this Mini Stop branch won't go bad like 7/11. It started out pretty good but in time, their food is sometimes barely cooked, hard to bite and does not look new.

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