Sunday, May 26, 2013

JCO At Ayala Centrio

Well, JCO finally opened its doors outside Metro Manila in, surprisingly ... Cagayan de Oro City, the city of golden friendship.

Ayala's Centrio mall recently opened there so in a way even I was surprised that they opened a branch there ahead of Cebu.

I know Cebu will get one, once the new wing in Ayala opens up late this year. But ... cheers to Cagayan de Oro for being ahead than Cebu he he he.

JCO's doughnuts are a bit smaller than Krispy Kreme doughnuts but the difference it not that noticeable. The big difference though is when you bite JCO doughnuts because there is so much air inside.

However, I tend to like JCO doughnuts more than Krispy Kreme because they are not very sweet. Even the plain doughnuts taste better and I can finish 2 pieces without having my tummy feeling like world war 2.

Their drinks are not bad either. Krispy Kreme chillers are very sweet, eat their doughnuts as well and you will be a candidate for diabetes in no time.

The green colored drink above is their green tea drink which is just plain green tea in cold water. Weird ha ha! Their chocolate frappe is quite good though.

We were lucky that there was a vacant table when we went there. Considering this just opened this month, people are flocking to JCO every hour.

When we lined up, the line was pretty short. A few seconds later, hoards of JCO fans suddenly went in and lined up behind us. Talk about lucky.

Price wise JCO is cheaper than Krispy Kreme and as I said, compared to Krispy Kreme I like the fact that JCO doughnuts are not as sweet as their rival.

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