Friday, May 10, 2013

Best Western Sandbar Resosrt May 2013

Well, the place is still new so there is not much to go around and even do around except swim in the pool. If you want to swim on the beach, the area there is not yet presentable.

However, guests often go to the nearby island and swim for a few minutes. You only need to pay a few bucks have boatmen drive you in their bangka.

If you want to get great photos here, the best place is behind the pool where you go through a small bridge. That way, you can get the whole resort building's view especially if you have a wide angle lens. Check the photo below.

I think the best time to wade in the pool is around 4PM in the afternoon because during morning and early afternoon the sun just makes it uncomfortable to swim there.

You cannot get a good view during sunset though because it sets on the opposite site of the resort. However,  you can get some good photos during sunrise as it rises near the front view.

The staff at Best Western Sandbar Resort are very courteous and they really make up every effort to make guests feel at home and welcome. No kidding!

They also have a game room for guests in case they get bored they can play some games or sing along in their videoke rooms but during this time, it was not available yet so check it out if ever you plan to check in here. It might be open by then.

What I was surprised though, was their dinner buffet. They only serve lunch and dinner buffet during weekends. And the price? A low PHP350.00. Yeah, introductory rate perhaps but very much worth it. I will be posting the food in another article so stay tuned.

All in all, it was a good experience for me and my wife spending even a night there in the resort. I have some friends say they got bored there but I think if you opt for the day use, then you may get bored.

If you checked in, then you can go back to your room anytime and relax a little before you feel like going out again for a quick stroll or swim in the pool.

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