Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Best Western Sandbar Resort Buffet May 2013

This caught me by surprise. I mean, before we checked in we asked them if they serve lunch and dinner buffet. They said no. But when night fall came, I wondered why they were setting up stuffs in the buffet table in their restaurant.

When I asked them, they told me they serve buffet for lunch and dinner only on weekends. Talk about miscommunication! LOL.

Anyway, my wife and I just had to take advantage of their buffet because it only costs PHP350.00. Man, just look at the food below!

Pork, chicken pandan, sotanghon, fish fillet with yummy sliced potatoes, sisig in either pork squid or tuna, garlic soup (literally, all garlic) and some appetizers like salad, bread and the brown colored food on chinese soup spoons are beef salplicao.

I was not able to take photo of their dessert, a mixed fruit delight with watermelon, mango and pineapple.

The buffet was a blast! All of their food was delicious. For PHP350.00, this was indeed a steal! Don't expect the same thing with their breakfast buffet though. It is ordinary like other hotels and resorts.

If you plan to spend some time at Best Western Sandbar Resort on a weekend, make sure you do not forget to stick around for lunch and dinner.

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