Sunday, May 19, 2013

Best Western Sandbar Resort Breakfast Buffet May 2013

Well, Best Western Sandbar Resort's breakfast buffet when I ate there was nothing special. It costs PHP350.00 if you are not checked-in, same as their lunch and dinner buffets on weekends.

I figure their breakfast buffet price should be less than the lunch and dinner buffets. Good thing they had corned beef but not quite as tasty as Purefoods. The same corned beef served in other hotels like BE Hotels and Quest Hotel as far as my taste buds could remember.

They also had tocino that time so I guess it was all good. The other food available were pork and beans, egg, salad and some variety of bread.

Pork and beans really look different than what it used too when I was still very young. Todays pork and beans are a bit harder to bite and smaller.

Still, having these food in a breakfast is not bad. As long as there is corned beef, I will always be satisfied ;).

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